Cori Pith

Physical Analysis

Water content (%)
Moisture (rh) of delivered product
< 20 %
Organic Matter (% DM)
> 92%
Bulk Density (kg/m3 dry)
80 - 100
Pore Fraction (%)
> 90
Water content (%)
Volume % at -10cm pressure head
65 - 85
Air Fraction (%)
Volume % at -10cm pressure head

Chemical Analysis

Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH as per method
1 : 1,5 v/v water extraction
EC (mS/cm)
< 0,5 //< 1,0
pH (H2O)
5.5 – 7.0

Block Characteristics

Size (cm)
30x30x13 (+- 15%)
Weight (kg)
4 – 5,5 kg
Expansion (Litre/kg dry)
> 15 (+- 10%)*
We are supplying good quality coir pith based on your necessities and the coir blocks are naturally created. Our scope of Coir Pith is accessible at most reasonable costs.
Coir Pith is a natural, common item gotten from Coconut Husks and is generally utilized as a part of cultivating.
Coir Pith is removed from coconut husks and largely used as an amazing base for creating plant, agrarian and other mechanical applications.
The Coconut Coir Pith is supreme for soil constructing, develops water support in leaky plants, planting yards in parks, gardens and so on.

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